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e-ETPN2020 is a virtual event open to all: students, researchers, engineers, clinicians, SMEs, industry, institutions. Register today and join the European community of Nanomedicine.

IMPORTANT: If you had already registered for the even planned in October in Heraklion, please do your full registration again to confirm participation for the virtual event on Oct. 14-15

Frequently Asked Questions

The e-ETPN2020 organization team is at your service for any other issue. Please find the main questions we’ve been asked.

Why do ETPN members get free registration?

ETPN2020 is the 15th annual event of the ETPN. As part of the benefits of being an ETPN member is getting free registration to our annual event, including all sessions and social events

How to become an ETPN member?

Nothing simpler! ETPN members are legal organizations. Just click here, follow the procedure and benefit from free registration to ETPN2020.

My organisation is an ETPN member, how many colleagues can register?

As many as you wish! In the very special situation of this virtual event, we’ve decided to make e-ETPN2020 free of charge for you & all your colleagues.

I was registered for the ETPN2020 in Heraklion, do I need to register again?

Yes, please. All attendees to e-ETPN2020 must register for the virtual event. We are indeed sorry for the inconvenience.

I have already submitted an abstract for the event originally planned to be held in Heraklion, do I have to submit it again for the virtual event?

No, your abstract for a short talk in the Pitch me Up session is still valid. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to showcase posters during the virtual event. In case, you’ve submitted an abstract for a poster, we are sorry that it will be dismissed. Thank you for your understanding.

Do you offer ticket purchase discounts?

Unfortunately not. ETPN2020 price has been chosen in order to encourage all stakeholders with interest in Nanomedicine and emerging MedTech to join, from young academic students to industry. Large group discounts might be discussed. Contact us!

Submit your abstract!

You may give a short talk at the ETPN2020 virtual conference to present your best Nanomedicine innovations in translation to the clinic. Submission is open until October, 2nd!

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